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Jeanologiais our technological partner, accompanying us through our process of change, and adding value at each step.


They lead the transformation of the textile industry with their disruptive technologies: laser, ozone, e-Flow,SmartBoxesand H2 Zero technologies capable of enhancing productivity, reducing water and energy consumption and eliminating damaging emissions and discharge.With their disruptive technologies they break the norm, to give us innovative and transformative ways of doing things.

At a designer's level, one must accept that zero impact does not exist. I think that we must, first and foremost, be aware of the scale of impact that we have and the proportion of each production we make. We have embraced innovative methods such liquid sulfur dyes instead overindigo, computerizedinfrared lasers for a “used” or distressed effect, as well as the usage of enzymes-based chemicals and dry ozone processes that cancel out the need for bleach and water.


For us sustainability is no longer a trend, it is embedded in the supply chain. One of our sustainability goals is that all the cotton in our range should be recycled or sustainably sourced by end of 2021 at the latest : organic cotton, recycled cotton or cotton sourced through the better cotton initiative (BCI). And we are almost there – sustainability sourced cotton represents 95% of the cotton we sourced in 2020.At 10.11studios, we believe in a global fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit.Change takes time, this is just the beginning of our journey...

Better Cotton is cotton grown in a way that aims to reduce the stress on the local environment and improve the livelihoods and welfare of farming communities. Better Cotton represents a new globally recognised standard for more sustainable cotton production.

Due to pollution and poor management, clean water, one of the world’s most valuable natural resources, is becoming scarcer than ever. We at 10.11studios work with our factory in Turkey to minimize water consumption in our wash process.We utilize sustainable packaging and recycled thread and hardware whenever possibleSourcing quality cotton denim from the world’s finest denim mills, like Turkey’s Orta Andalou, our purpose is to produce high-caliber denim




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