Our Story

In 2020 I made my foray into the fashion Industry as I wanted to change the perception of premium denim, to take things back to craftsmanship. I knew what I wanted to wear, so I went after it and created the jean I was craving for... the clean, simple, and timeless jeans. My Ethos is simple: Create newness through fit and styling, rather than just passing trends. In that era of over-styled, I am mainly inspired by the 90's, fine art photography and photographers, drawn to clean lines and strong form.
I am embracing the white shirt with the perfect vintage blue washed jeans. Having wanderlust in heart, I travelled the world for 30 years with a suitcase in hand. No matter where I went, I yearned for the same timeless silhouettes, timeless jeans that defied trends and you could wear time and time again. I set out to create those essential denim jeans that were missing from my own wardrobe.
And so, 10.11 Studios began
I offer ease in buying Denim. You can look stylish and feel comfortable, all while not having to look like a version of everyone else. I don't put any logo; I want the jeans to be about the women who is wearing it and not about what brand she is wearing. That is important to me. I am striving to embrace feminine and masculine elements with impeccable balance. I really like to have movement in my jeans, but I don't want to be constructed, I want to feel good.
When designing I am also inspired after looking at old photos of myself, realizing I was wearing the same five jeans again and again (and again!) and wanted to give them fresh updates.
Each pair of jeans tells a story. I remember my first pair of Levi's that I got in New York in the 80's, they were authentic, simply perfect. I still have them. Every time I wear them, they change, they give, they get a new mark, a new scuff, a different color, they become my favorite piece of clothing. All the marks and scuffs become more defined and all of that wearing has made them unique. And this is our pure DNA, we are on a mission to make beautiful clothes with integrity and longevity. Producing a unique stonewashed piece in an atelier that the client will keep for 10 years, will not have the same impact as the similar piece produced in a cheaper factory using tons of chemicals, with 5000 copies that customers will probably keep for 6 months. Sustainability is also wearing the same pair of your favorite blue jeans during years. We are committed to sourcing sustainable and extraordinary fabrics to create garments that will last for years. We are mainly using Orta Fabric. Transparency, commitment and trustworthiness are the key elements of Orta's philosophy.
This is a journey we are on, one which we would love you to be a part of.

Where will you go?
Monica Caleya i Albiol